'Soul': Pixar's Next Big Film Teases A Cosmic Journey And High Aspirations

Pixar will drop Toy Story 4 on us this week, leaving millions of moviegoers soaked in their own tears. After that, we've been promised a new era of original content, and while it's easy to scoff at, everything we've seen from the studio coming up promises stories and characters we've never seen before. And that includes this tease for the newly-announced film, Soul.

Details are slim, but we do have a release date of June 19th 2020, and a tweet that  says to expect a journey that takes us from the streets of New York into the cosmos to answer some of life's biggest questions...

Additionally, we've learned the director will be Peter Docter, which may explain why Soul has similarly grand aspirations as Inside Out.  That film is considered a masterpiece by many for how it explores with intelligence, humor, and insight the mind of a kid growing up.

It's unfair to expect Soul to reach the same heights as Inside Out but we've come to expect a lot from Pixar and they usually deliver.