'Scrawl' Trailer: Daisy Ridley's First (??) Movie Finally Gets Released

Been waiting for Daisy Ridley to star in a comic book movie? Well, you're actually a few years  too late. Kinda.  Before she landed the role of Rey in Star Wars: The Force Awakens and saw her life changed forever, she starred in the little-seen horror Scrawl, which was shot in 2014 and played in genre festivals throughout 2015. Check the Ridley fan pages and you'll find arguments whether this was her actual screen debut. It sat unreleased for years, but now, probably because Ridley is a big star , the film has been released on DVD and VOD.

Directed by Peter Heard, Scrawl stars Liam Hughes as a troubled boy in a seaside town who, along with his best friend, creates a comic book to escape their reality. It works, but when characters and monsters from the comic begin appearing in real life, things get violent and bloody real quick. Ridley plays a mysterious young woman who may have sprung from the comic book.

The film has been praised for its stylish look and gore, but you can tell this a very low-budget piece of work. The big draw here is Ridley in what is technically her first movie role.  We may have a review of this up soon and you can decide for yourself whether Scrawl is worth giving a look.

Check out the trailer below.

SYNOPSIS: Simon Goodman (Liam Hughes) is a 16-year boy living in a rundown seaside town. With his best friend Joe Harper (Joe Daly), they create a comic book called SCRAWL as a way to escape their reality, gain some notoriety and more importantly pick up girls.

Annie Williams (Annabelle Le Gresley), a girl who hides behind her camera and cannot forget the past gets wrapped up in the boys new world, along with Joe's sister Rosie (Ellie Selwood) and suddenly, with the appearance of a mysterious girl, Hannah (Daisy Ridley), events in the comic book start to invade their reality and situations in the comic book come to life.

At first its great, girls start to become interested in the boys, and all seems fun, but then the monsters of the comic book begin to show themselves, and the boys realize that the comic depicts a bloody great massacre at page 21.

With the help of Joes father, Frank (Mark Forester-Evans), family and friends, the boys are forced to face their horrific imagination made real.

Are Simon and Joe able to change their new found reality?

Only if they can rewrite death.