Rumor: 'Wonder Woman 1984' To Retcon 'Batman v Superman'

When Warner Bros. revealed they wouldn't be attending Comic-Con next month, it opened up a ton of questions. It's not as if they don't have projects to push; on the contrary they have many that could be teased. Patty Jenkins' tweet that they were waiting for a Wonder Woman 1984 marketing strategy late in the year was also curious. What is it they're hiding that is so big it can't risk being spoiled by a few thousand sweaty, unwashed, anxious fanboys?  A new rumor from That Hashtag Show (salt, please) may have the answer.

The site claims to have details on Wonder Woman 1984, which was originally due to open this year but was pushed into 2020. And what they have to say could mean the final nail in the coffin of pretty much everything Zack Snyder did, unsurprising since the DCEU has been moving away from his work for a couple of years. The Wonder Woman sequel will find Diana as a public figure, a known superhero, rather than someone who remained hidden for decades as depicted in Batman v Superman. I mean...her being a secret was a major plot point in that film and it could be getting tossed aside.  She also works as a spy during the Cold War, sent to track down a nefarious Russian spy.

This rings true to me, mainly because the teaser they showed at last year's Comic-Con had her fighting inside of a shopping mall. Clearly, she wasn't keeping herself tucked away, and it begs the question how much of Snyder's movie is being ignored?

Furthermore, the site mentions Kristen Wiig as Cheetah, and clarifies a motivation we had heard previously. Barbara Minerva turns out to be a huge fan of Wonder Woman, also proof she's gone public, and initially wants to be just like her until her beast side becomes too hard to control.

Lastly, there's the return of Chris Pine as Steve Trevor, which none of us have been able to figure out since his heroic-but-tragic fate at the end of Wonder Woman. His return to the land of the living is said to be because of villain Maxwell Lord, played by Pedro Pascal, who has the ability to grant wishes...but with a price.  Not only does he bring Trevor back, but may have transferred his soul into his body. If true, Trevor's return may be short-lived and Wonder Woman may have to fight the man she once loved.

So what does any of this mean? Is everything Zack Snyder did being written off? I doubt anybody would care, although it would probably prompt Snyder to drop even more teases for what he would've done.

Wonder Woman 1984 opens June 5th 2020.