Rumor: DC Universe Is Getting Shut Down, 'Titans' Moving To WarnerMedia

As I said last week when Warner Bros. made the sudden decision to cancel DC Universe series Swamp Thing after one episode, this kind of move sets a precedent. They clearly knew the kind of negative buzz and rumors this would spark, which to me suggests they are fine with it. And so here we are, with a story that says the streaming service's days are numbered with only one series possibly emerging unscathed.

A source speaking with We Got This Covered says DC Universe is indeed on the chopping block, despite Warner Bros. execs publicly stating otherwise. The plan would be to fold the service into their growing WarnerMedia platform, with Titans the only current series that makes the move. There may still be room for upcoming shows such as Stargirl and Harley Quinn, along with remaining episodes of Young Justice: Outsiders, but that's unclear and it may depend on how they perform.  With so much still on the way, don't expect to hear anything concrete from Warner Bros. for quite some time.

Meanwhile, Swamp Thing producer James Wan is as confused as you are about the show's early termination. While various stories both true and false have made the rounds, to this day Wan is still pretty much in the dark and posted about his confusion on Instagram. You can check it out below.