Exam-labs Presents: Top 5 Project Management Certifications to Improve Your CV

Exam-labs Presents: Top 5 Project Management Certifications to Improve Your CV

For any organization to succeed, it is crucial to have the employers within-depth knowledge and skills in project management. For better project outcomes, the companies must focus on a recruiting qualified talent. The nature of talent in an enterprise determines project results. One of the things that lead to project success is having the right abilities within a given project team. What does this mean to you as a project manager or an aspiring project manager? It means that gaining experience cannot be ignored. It’s a requirement and a priority.

Earning a certification in project management is a brilliant way to leverage your skills. There are the PM credentials for all levels of knowledge and experience. If you’re already a manager or have just begun, you can find that one certificate that fits your needs. They are available from an entry level to more advanced levels. You’ll also find credentials focusing on specific vendors or techniques. Which are the best project management certifications to earn with the help of Exam-labs?

Here are 5 best project management certifications to boost your CV:

1.      Project Management Professional (PMP)
As a global industry standard for project managers, the PMP certification has been the most preferred credential forthe project managers and employers around the world. With this certificate, you won’t be limited on where you can work. You can perform in any industry while using any methodology.
·   A secondary degree, 7500 hours of managing projects, and 35 hours of training in project management
·       A four-year degree, 4500 hours of running projects, and 35 hours of training in project management
PMP Certification Renewal: You must maintain your PMP certification every three years. You have to earn 60 PDUs (Professional Development Units) to do this.
PMP Exam Cost: The cost is $405 for the PMI members and $555 for those who are non-members.

2.      CompTIA Project+
If you’re an entry-level project manager or are involved in managing smaller projects, then the CompTIA Project+ certification is great for you. This credential covers key project management requirements and concepts and goes beyond just one framework or methodology. It covers areas, such as managing a project, how to ensure appropriate communication, managing resources and stakeholders, as well as maintaining project documentation.
Prerequisites: To earn this credential, you’re required to have experience of 12 months in project management. You’ll be also qualified if you have equivalent education.
CompTIA Project+ Certification Renewal: The certificate is always valid. You won’t be required to renew.
CompTIA Project+ Exam Cost: The cost of this CompTIA certification test is $319.

3.      Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM)
This is another certification from PMI that can boost your CV and enhance your project management career in a big way. The CAPM certification validates your skills in managing large projects and your mastery of project management terminology and methods. With this PMI certificate, you’re going to stand out in the job market. With enhanced credibility and efficiency in handling projects, you’re going to be a dependable and trusted project manager.
Prerequisites: A secondary degree and 1500 hours of executing projects or 23 hours of training in project management.
CAPM Certification Renewal: You have to renew your CAPM certificate by retaking the exam every 5 years.
CAPM Exam Cost: The PMI members pay $225, while the non-members are required to pay $300.

4.      Program Management Professional (PgMP)
This PgMP credential for the project managers promises to ensure that you have the skills needed to successfully execute demanding projects. The PMI certificate is intended for those who take part in multiple and complex projects. If you want a unique advantage when it comes to being employed or getting a promotion, then this is the right credential for you.
·    A secondary degree, 6,000 hours managing projects, and 10,500 hours in program management, or
·    A four-year degree, 6,000 hours in managing projects, and 6,000 hours in program management
PgMP Certification Renewal: Renew your PgMP certification every three years by earning 60 PDUs (Professional Development Units).
PgMP Exam Cost: The cost for the PMI members is $800, while the price for the non-members is $1,000.

5.      Professional in Project Management (PPM)
Improve your CV with this Professional in Project Management (PPM) certification by the Global Association for Quality Management (GAQM). This credential is premised on the fact that both the public and private sectors require the skilled project managers who ensure success in meeting their project goals. As you prepare to earn your PPM certificate, you’ll learn how to achieve the project scope, cost and schedule. It goes beyond project management best practices by recognizing the complexities and demands that come with executing a project.
Prerequisites: You must successfully complete a mandatory E-course before taking your exam.
PPM Certification Renewal: Your PPM credential will be valid for five years. To renew it, you can retake the exam, or complete the PPM E-course to help you accumulate the required Continuing Education Units (CEUs).
PPM Exam Cost: There are two price packages for this certification exam. The first one is the Premium Package that costs $340 and includes the course and exam fees, and the Standard Package that costs $100 and covers the course fee only. A separate exam voucher costs $210.

How to Prepare for Your Project Management Exams?
To perform well in your certification test, you must incorporate the correct study tips with the right study tools. Training courses, video lectures, practice tests can only be helpful if you use them the right way. The other winning tip is of course to start your exam preparation early enough. These study resources, such as training courses, study guides, and practice tests from Exam-labs are available online. The practice tests have been uploaded online to enable you get easy access to the best online project management revision resources.

Any of these leading PM credentials will provide you with the best platform to enhance your career. These certificates are in high demand and earning any of them will distinguish you from your counterparts who are not certified. Reaching your next level in your career demands that you earn a certification by passing the required exam. Make sure you are well prepared to pass your test by taking the relevant course and by studying with eBooks for project management.Don’t forget to practice for your exam with preparation tools from the Exam-labs website. Find out how ready you are by practicing with the Exam-labs past questions and answers.