Blumhouse Has A Magic 8 Ball Movie In The Works From 'Truth Or Dare' Director

It kinda worked for Ouija, well enough that it got a horror sequel, and now the genre will soon find itself with a Magic 8 Ball movie. You won't need to shake a Magic 8 Ball to know how I feel about this, but at least the film will have a director known for turning games children play into hit horror movies.

Deadline reports Truth or Dare director Jeff Wadlow will direct the Magic 8 Ball film, which will be a co-production between Mattel Studios and Blumhouse. He'll also co-write the script with frequent collaborators Jillian Jacobs and Chris Roach. Wadlow took Truth or Dare to a $95M haul on a $3M budget with absolutely zero star power. It may be tougher with a film about a toy that isn't naturally paranormal, but I'm sure Blumhouse will find a way.

You've undoubtedly shaken one of the harmless baubles in the past, and received a (probably) inaccurate answer to a question that seemed important at the moment. They're also emblazened on the jackets of the kids who thought they were cool in the '90s. Actually, I always wanted an 8 Ball jacket when I was that age.

Anyway, count on Blumhouse to turn the toy into an object of terror, possessed by an evil demon that answers your questions in the worst way and makes that shit a reality. Oh well, at least it's not another killer doll movie.