A Seventh 'Paranormal Activity' Is In The Works From Paramount And Blumhouse

The horror movie that started it all is making a comeback. When we talk about the low-budget horror success of Blumhouse, it all began with 2007's Paranormal Activity. A cinematic phenomenon, the film was directed by Oren Peli and produced by Blumhouse for $15K and earned nearly $200M, and the rest is history. Five sequels of differing quality were released, the most recent 2015's The Ghost Dimension (Geez I forgot that one), and now after a short hiatus the franchise is returning to theaters.

During a recent event, Paramount CEO Jim Gianopulos announced the studio would team with Blumhouse on a seventh Paranormal Activity movie. No details about the plot were made available, but, and I'm just guessing here, there will be some activity of a paranormal nature. These films really helped kick the found footage genre into overdrive, as well.

The well had run dry on Paranormal Activity a few years ago but even so the last movie made $78M and cost only $10M. Even if this new one doesn't break the bank like earlier movies it could still be a huge earner.  In total, the franchise has earned $890M worldwide and that's all the reason needed to keep it alive. [Deadline]