Robert Pattinson Is Officially The Next Batman

Well, Warner Bros didn't wait pong to make me look like a know-nothing idiot. Deadline is reporting that Robert Pattinson has indeed won the lead in The Batman. This very shortly after it was reported he and Nicholas Hoult were going in for final screen tests. I incorrectly guessed Hoult would win out.

Those tests did take place today and the decision was made to go with Pattinson, mainly because he was Reeves' top choice. Now the particulars need to be worked out, such as number of appearances since The Batman is being seen as the first part of a trilogy. And if Pattinson is a hit with fans, you can bet they're going to want him to make additional appearances.

There has been a vocal outcry from some who don't want Pattinson as Batman, thinking him still as the Twilight guy. But his resume is quite impressive and there's a reason he is sought after by top filmmakers. He'll be starring next in Christopher Nolan's upcoming film Tenet, for example.

Filming on The Batman begins later this year for release on the June 25th 2021.