Ridley Scott's Third 'Alien' Prequel Is Still Happening

This year marks the 40th anniversary of Ridley Scott's Alien (!!!!), the launch of a sci-fi franchise that has endured and influenced so many others it would be foolish to try and list them all.  Scott has largely entrusted others to shepherd any sequels, including James Cameron's Aliens, but returned a few years ago to direct a series of prequels that expanded the Alien universe. The response to Prometheus and Alien: Covenant has been mixed at best, and there's been question whether Scott would continue on. Well, it would appear that he is.

According to Variety, Scott is in development on a script to the third Alien prequel, possibly titled Alien: Awakening, which he also plans to direct. Coincidentally, Michael Fassbender, who plays the rogue android David, told badtaste.it that he'd love to return to the Alien franchise...

"I’d love to. You know, I just absolutely love working with Ridley. And it was a real moment for me, when I stepped on the set on Prometheus and got to work with him...and yeah, I love the character. It’s a lot of fun."

Of course, it's way too early to know what the film will be about, but we can assume it'll continue to follow David as he plays God all throughout the universe.  Fans of Alien have taken issue with Scott's decision to explore larger themes, existential ideas, rather than focusing on the Xenomorphs killing people. I rather like it, and thought he mixed enough horror elements into Alien: Covenant, but it's a departure and get why others may be wishing Neill Blomkamp got to do his Alien 5 movie.

With the Alien franchise moving to Disney I'm curious to see if it changes Scott's creative direction, or if they give him the freedom to stay the course.