Of Course, There Are Already Petitions Against Robert Pattinson As Batman

Damn, fanboys! Robert Pattinson doesn't even have the Batman gig yet and already the knives are out for him. Last night, the Internet blew up when the Good Time actor was named frontrunner to star in Matt Reeves' The Batman, and while he doesn't have the gig yet, some fans are trying to make sure it never happens.

A number of petitions popped up overnight with various reasons why Pattinson shouldn't be the next Batman. Most of it boils down to...well, I don't know, really. The biggest petition over at Change.org fears Warner Bros. making the "Batfleck mistake" again, which they blame for "trashing" the DCEU.  Doesn't make much sense to me. Like Affleck or not, he was hardly the reason why Batman v Superman and Justice League bombed. And even if he was, what does that have to do with Pattinson? Something tells me these haters haven't seen Pattinson in anything but Twilight, and know nothing about the many acclaimed performances he's given since.

Good news is there aren't a lot of signatures, so maybe this will blow over. Oh wait...I'm talking about forever outraged Internet trolls! This will definitely get worse the moment Pattinson, or anybody for that matter, gets confirmed as Batman. We are an outrage culture, and there will always be something to be angry about. 

I'm not even someone who necessarily digs the idea of Pattinson as Bruce Wayne/Batman. He's a great actor and someone I like in pretty much everything, but nothing about what he's done in the past tells me he's right for this. There's a good chance he will prove me wrong, though. In fact, I hope he does.