Jaden Smith Will Play An Alternate Reality Kanye West In A Showtime Series That Sounds Unbearably Pretentious

We've officially reached the tipping point where the abundance of outlets has led to an overload of content. While some will call it a "golden age", some of it is just plain weird and probably wouldn't have been considered just a few years ago. Case in point: a new Showtime series in which Jaden Smith plays an alternate-reality version of Kanye West

You read that right. Kanye is going to look like a dumbass clown across time and space.

According to THR, Kanye is producing the Showtime anthology series Omniverse which will star Smith as the controversial MAGA hat-wearing rapper. The limited half-hour series will be “examining the many doors of perception", which I guess means Kanye will comment on his perceived enemies while pretending to be enlightened.  The series will be written by  Lee Sung Jin who has done work on HBO's Silicon Valley.

As crazy as this sounds, the casting of Smith is also a trip. Will Smith's son is pretty far out in left field himself, so perhaps he's just the guy to capture Kanye's....ummmm, quirks. But this also promises to be unbearably pretentious and fodder for a million thinkpieces about what's wrong with Kanye now.