'Deerskin' Trailer: Another Bizarre Film From 'Rubber' Director Quentin Dupieux

When your breakout film, and still the one you're most closely associated with, is the story of a sentient tire you set a certain standard for weirdness that's tough to match. Fortunately, for fans of Rubber director Quentin Dupieux he has met that bar enthusiastically over a handful of films such as Wrong, Reality, Keep an Eye Out, and Wrong Cops. Now he's back with another bizarre film that is right in his wheelhouse.

Dupieux will be bringing his latest, Deerskin, to Cannes as part of the Directors' Fortnight, and honestly, I have no idea what this thing is about. First of all, the trailer is in French, but also because the synopsis is indecipherable:

Georges, 44 years old, and his jacket, 100% deerskin, have a plan.

Oh boy. Anyway, Deerskin stars Oscar-winner Jean Dujardin (The Artist) and Adèle Haenel (BPM), and has yet to gain stateside distribution. Check out the trailer below!