Chris Hemsworth & Tiffany Haddish Will Take On Male Strippers In Cop Comedy 'Down Under Cover'

If Chris Hemsworth's future is jetting around the cosmos as Thor, and starring in buddy comedies alongside hilarious women, that's okay with me. According to Deadline, Hemsworth will star alongside Girls Trip's Tiffany Haddish for Down Under Cover, a buddy cop comedy that is already earning comparisons to 48 Hrs, Rush Hour, and The Heat.

Down Under Cover casts Hemsworth as a detective investigating a series of brilliant casino heists pulled off by a crew of Australian erotic male dancers. To solve the case he must team up with the department's wild card, a rogue cop played by Haddish.  It's interesting to see the tables flipped like this. Gone are the days of an actor such as Mel Gibson playing the unhinged partner role.

Hemsworth has starred in his share of comedies but has found particular success opposite female co-stars. He played the comic relief in 2016's Ghostbusters and has partnered up with Tessa Thompson twice in Thor: Ragnarok and the upcoming Men in Black International. I can see him getting overshadowed by Haddish, though, who works best when dialed up to 11 as she's probably going to be here. She's got a busy 2019 with roles in The Secret Life of Pets 2 and crime drama The Kitchen on the way.