Warner Bros.' 'Aquaman 2' Teaser Isn't All It Appears To Be

Ahhh, April Fool's Day. A Hellish time for anybody in the movie news business with fake-but-real-sounding stories scattered every which way. It's the one day out of the year when people stop believing everything they see on the Internet and decide to actually be fucking discerning for once. So hopefully you didn't eat Warner Bros.' prank from earlier today that turned out to be just a marketing gimmick for Shazam.

Warner Bros. dropped a 30-second teaser for Aquaman 2, mere months after the $1B hit movie splashed down into theaters. Well, not really. A few seconds in the "king" of the seas is replaced by the "kid" and in comes walking Zachary Levi in full Shazam gear.

They're playing up the movie's humor and a way to do that is by getting in on the whole April Fool's thing. I get it. Just...meh. They could've made more of an effort, though. Use some unused Aquaman footage and make a phony trailer with stuff we haven't seen before. Really trick people! This was half-hearted at best.

Shazam opens this weekend and you really should check it out.