Unsurprisingly, Fox's X-Men Series 'The Gifted' Has Been Canceled

Another casualty of the Disney/Fox deal, and one that we probably should've seen coming. Live-action X-Men series The Gifted has been canceled after two seasons, just following the season finale.

That finale will now have to be a series finale, and from what I hear from friends it ended on a cliffhanger. Perhaps Disney, who now own Fox and the entire X-Men franchise, will allow for another episode later to wrap up dangling storylines, but I wouldn't count on it. This would be the second X-Men series to get the ax, joining Legion which was ended after its third season.

All of this stems from Marvel's desire to relaunch the X-Men themselves, and it wouldn't do to have any remnants of Fox's versions out there. We may see other X-Men shows announced for Disney+ sometime down the line, but probably not for a few years. [Deadline]