Netflix Wants You To Binge Quentin Tarantino's 'The Hateful Eight' Extended Version

When Quentin Tarantino took the extended version of The Hateful Eight out as a traveling roadshow in 2015, only a limited number of theaters were equipped to show the 70mm cut. That version wasn't made available for home release, either, which is why there was some excitement last month when it was learned Netflix would soon have the extended cut available for subscribers. Well, it's here...but not as anyone would've expected.

Netflix has made the unusual decision to break up The Hateful Eight extended edition into a 4-part miniseries. This is the 70mm version Tarantino took out on a limited tour during the film's theatrical release, and has about 20 extra minutes of footage. So yes, that does make it a 3-hour movie but does that warrant slicing it up into episodes like this?

To me it's baffling, but I can kinda see Netflix's rationale. I don't know how many people watch 3-hour-plus movies on the streaming service but my gut tells me it isn't many. However, we'll sit and binge 6 hours of some lady folding laundry without even wondering where the time has gone. Chances are people will take in all of The Hateful Eight in one sitting.

And for those who just want the same ol' same ol', the original version of The Hateful Eight is also available.