Julianne Moore, JJ Abrams, And Stephen King Team For 'Lisey's Story' Apple Series

So why did Apple do that underwhelming event for their subscriber service Apple TV+ when they could've waited a couple of weeks and had a show like this to tout? Deadline reports Stephen King and JJ Abrams are teaming on a new series, Lisey's Story, and it will star Oscar-winning actress Julianne Moore. Damn.

Lisey's Story is based on the King novel that he's been wanting to see adapted for years. It tells two stories centered on the titular wife of a renowned novelist. In the present, we follow Lisey as she copes with her husband's death and remembers things about him she had long suppressed. The other story is of her husband's life as remembered by Lisey.

King thought up the novel's premise while recovering from the 1999 incident in which he was struck by a van. It's a deeply personal story for him which is why he's taking a more hands-on approach than usual, writing all six episodes. Abrams is on board as a producer.