Get Ready for 'Endgame' With Every Marvel End-Credits Scene

10 years, and soon to be 22 movies. One of the many things Marvel is going to be forever remembered/blamed for is the post-credit teaser. No more are we allowed to simply get up from our seats and take that piss we've been holding in for 2 hours. Nope, now we have to stick around until the janitor comes to sweep because Marvel have a little something left to show. To their credit, most of them have been worth the wait, even when they are just mocking us for staying.

To prove the value of the post-credits stinger, the Marvel Studios Twitter thread is showing all of the end-credits stuff in a row, beginning with 2008's Iron Man, naturally.  This is a fun way to get yourself hyped for Endgame without the risk of having a TV spot spoil something, or by rewatching all of the Avengers movies again as I did last weekend.  Whose got that kind of time? Apparently, I do. Watching through these you see that Marvel was really kinda winging it with these at first, but they get better along the way.

So enjoy.  Avengers: Endgame opens April 26th. My review will be up early Wednesday morning.