'Avengers: Endgame' Crushes Overseas Records With $169M On Day One

That $1B opening weekend estimate is coming closer to reality.

Avengers: Endgame is already breaking records around the world. After just one day on the international scene Endgame has totaled $169M, with $107M of that coming from a record-breaking first day in China.

Keep in mind this is only a partial international release and more territories will be added through the weekend. The previous worldwide opening weekend record is held by, what else, Avengers: Infinity War with $640M. Already, it seems that Endgame is way ahead of the curve.  There's a very good chance China tallies $300M for the debut weekend alone.

Another factor that has many expecting far bigger numbers is that China wasn't part of the opening weekend with Infinity War. It didn't open there until much later, when it did $200M. So if Endgame just does the same business as Infinity War, but you throw in the $200M...well, you get $840M.

Numbers like this are hard to fathom. Whether Endgame tops $1B or not we are being ushered into uncharted territory and we may not see a box office like this again until Marvel's 20th year.