A 'Saints Row' Movie Is In The Works From Director F. Gary Gray

The Saints Row video game franchise started out as a clone of Grand Theft Auto, but with each sequel got stranger and stranger. Hopefully, the new movie being directed by F. Gary Gray will combine plenty of both the gritty street elements and the weird sci-fi elements that make it stand out from the pack.

Gray, who previously directed The Fate of the Furious, Straight Outta Compton, and much more, will take the helm of a Saints Row movie. Writing the script will be Greg Russo, who is already working on a reboot of Mortal Kombat. Saints Row centers on a street gang known as the 3rd Street Saints who must eliminate their rivals violently to gain control of the city. In subsequent games, we see the Saints taking on new gangs, evil corporations, and eventually facing an alien invasion of Earth. The gang's leader even becomes President of the United States.

This could be a lot of fun if done the right way. Gray is a solid director who has done his share of street dramas (including Set It Off, a great one) and alien sci-fi flicks like his upcoming Men in Black International.  Seems like a natural choice.