The Snyder Cut Exists...Except It's For 'Sucker Punch'

The #SnyderCut is real! Finally! Zack Snyder fanboys rejoice!  Or not. Because the definitive cut you may get isn't of Justice League, it's for another of his maligned films; 2011's Sucker Punch.

If you don't remember Sucker Punch, or maybe blocked out the endless debates on its worth beyond the visual wizardry, the film starred Emily Browning, Abbie Cornish, Jena Malone, Jamie Chung, and Vanessa Hudgens as institutionalized women whose stories are told through a series of fantastical dream worlds. It was Snyder's first original narrative and you could tell; the story was sloppy and impossible to follow, but damn it looked good. For that reason alone it has achieved a certain cult status. I personally find it still to be very watchable, and can even see some of what Snyder was going for except he was too inexperienced a screenwriter to do it in a way that made sense.

An R-rated extended cut with 18 additional minutes was included on the Sucker Punch Bluray, but Snyder now says even this is not his definitive cut. Snyder is part of a Director's Cut Event where he'll be showing off his versions of Batman v Superman, Dawn of the Dead, and Watchmen, but when asked by a fan on Vero why Sucker Punch wasn't included, the director replied "it's not the definitive version". 

Snyder doesn't go too deep into what makes this version different, except to say  “The unseen cut is better and has the Emily Browning ending where she sings[.] It’s cool without compromise[.] Someday.”

I don't know if anybody's waiting with baited breath for a third cut of Sucker Punch, but then Snyder's fans are extremely loyal. Hopefully they realize he's now said more about this eight-year-old flop than he ever has about a Snyder Cut of Justice League. [ScreenRant]