Rotten Tomatoes Plans Further Action to Prevent Trolls from Skewing Scores

It's been a long time coming but, as you've heard and we've covered, RottenTomatoes.com is finally taking some measures to curtail the trolls from skewing scores before release.Thankfully they're going to use the same cutting edge validation technology that porn sites have been using for ages. You know that whole "Are you 18?" page?...yeah, it's basically that. Their plan is to require non-press reviewers to answer a question as to whether they've seen the movie or not. Look, I want to get rid of these idiots just as much as the next guy but there has to be a more effective way. At it worst it enables the proliferation of keyboard cowboy racism and sexism, the courage of these kids (let's be honest they're probably all 12-22 year old white kids) to sit behind an anonymous handle and crap on someone else's creation when their greatest tribute to the arts will probably be an X-rated Rick and Morty fan-fic. The smaller issue that really gets under my skin is that they completely remove the ability to criticize any of these films without feeling like you'll be branded as a sexist or racist. I'm not sure what the answer is, and any step in the right direction is worth applauding. There's no way to eradicate the losers that get their only validation in life from shitting on others, but maybe by quiteing their voices maybe we can get closer to not having user generated content always reek of some dystopian klan rally.