'Ralph Breaks The Internet' Directors Are Into A Disney Princesses Movie

Rumors Disney may gather all of their animated princesses into a single crossover movie are hardly new, and they teased the potential of it Ralph Breaks the Internet. Predictably, the scene featuring Cinderella, elle, Moana, Jasmine and more sparked the imaginations of millions who wanted to see this happen on a larger scale where they have more to do than lounge around talking about how bad they've had it.

Speaking with The AV Club, Ralph Breaks the Internet co-directors Rich Moore and Phil Johnston talk about the fan response to the Disney princesses scene, and whether a movie is an idea whose time has come...

“When you’re in Stockholm and they’re saying like, ‘Have you considered doing a movie just about the Princesses?’ I think it’s an idea worth exploring, because everywhere we go, we hear that response. ‘Oh my God, I love the Princesses like that.’ Not just the scene meeting Vanellope and talking about what it means to be a princess, but then to see them in action – it does feel like there’s something to that — that people are finally seeing the Princesses do what you’ve always believed they could do, but you’ve never seen it before.”

Throwing a little bit of cold water on the situation, Moore added “I don’t know if there’s any conversations going on here seriously about [a spinoff], but we’ve definitely heard a lot of [positive response from the fans]. The fans are off the charts with the ideas that are out there.”

Trust me, there are conversations.

Those conversations may eventually wind their way back around to Johnson and Moore but I feel like Disney would want a female director and writer for a project like this. Call it a hunch.