Noah Hawley Isn't Sure His Doctor Doom Movie Fits Into Marvel's "25,000-year Plan"

Thank goodness, the Disney/Fox deal will be wrapped up later this month and we can finally stop talking about as this thing muddying up the future. But for now, several Fox projects remain in a state of flux, and a key one is Noah Hawley's Doctor Doom movie, which was announced while Fox was still in the afterglow of Logan's critical acclaim.

Hawley's film has always seemed to be on the periphery of their plans, however, and that only got worse as the Disney deal loomed closer. While we knew the Fargo creator was still working on it as if it were happening, now Hawley isn't so sure it fits into Marvel's plans. He said recently while attending SXSW...

“I would love to make it,” Hawley said. “Marvel, they’ve got a 25,000-year plan. I just don’t know if I fit into there.”

He may have a little while longer to find out. Hawley sent a copy of the script to Marvel Studios head honcho Kevin Feige but hasn't heard back yet, which makes sense because Marvel isn't legally able to do any Fox business yet. Or at least that's my understanding of these things. But I think of all the Fox properties that could go to Marvel relatively untouched, Doctor Doom could be the one. Doom is due for a reboot after some lackluster appearances on the big screen, and Hawley has proven his Marvel mettle with his Legion TV series.