Christopher Nolan's Next Film Described As 'North By Northwest' Meets 'Inception'

Cameras are soon to start rolling on Christopher Nolan's super-secret new project, and we know it because there's already a July 17th 2020 release date. Details on it have been kept under lock and key, which we should come to expect by now, but we're at least hearing what tone Nolan is shooting for. You won't be surprised to learn it sounds pretty big.

According to a tweet by Production Weekly, Nolan's untitled film is described as Alfred Hitchcock's North by Northwest meets Inception, and a "romantic thriller" to boot. I don't know if any of Nolan's films can be described as romantic so this is pretty interesting, although I suspect his idea of a romance is far from the norm. That's like saying Inception was just a psychological thriller and Interstellar was just about space travel. No, they went far beyond those simple labels, and Nolan's next project probably will, too. He'll be joined by cinematographer Hoyte van Hoytema, who shot both Dunkirk and Interstellar.

There's not much else to go on, except that Nolan will shoot the whole thing in IMAX which has become his standard practice. As this debate rages about Netflix vs. theatrical, it's important to remember that filmmakers like Nolan are out there who always maximize the moviegoing experience and make buying a ticket worth every penny.