Ana de Armas To Play Marilyn Monroe In Andrew Dominik's 'Blonde'

Long in the works before finally finding a home at Netflix (where everything long-developing eventually finds a home), Andrew Dominik's Marilyn Monroe film Blonde has had trouble finding someone to play the iconic actress. While Naomi Watts and Jessica Chastain were eyed for the role at different times, Dominik has gone a surprising route and chosen Blade Runner 2049's Ana de Armas to play Monroe.

The news comes from Collider, noting multiple sources who say de Armas has scored the role of Monroe in the adaptation of Joyce Carol Oates' book. Blonde centers on Norma Jeane Baker as she escapes from a troubled childhood and blossoms into the Hollywood icon Marilyn Monroe, best known for starring in such films as Some Like It Hot and Gentlemen Prefer Blondes.  Here's a synopsis of the book, which takes a fictional spin at retelling Monroe's story:

One of America’s most acclaimed novelists boldly re-imagines one of America’s most enduring icons in Blonde—the National Book Award-nominated bestseller by Joyce Carol Oates. The legend of Marilyn Monroe—aka Norma Jeane Baker—comes provocatively alive in this powerful tale of Hollywood myth and heartbreaking reality. Marilyn Monroe lives—reborn to tell her untold history; her story of a star created to shine brightest in the Hollywood firmament before her fall to earth. Blonde is a dazzling fictional portrait of the intricate inner life of the idolized and desired movie star as only the inimitable Joyce Carol Oates could paint it.

This is another huge role for de Armas who has been keeping plenty busy ever since she played Joi in Blade Runner 2049. She also has a role in Rian Johnson's star-studded Knives Out, and Danny Boyle's comedy-musical Yesterday.

Filming on Blonde could begin as soon as this summer assuming all deals go through.