'Under The Silver Lake' Trailer: Andrew Garfield's Long-Delayed Mystery Is Finally Hitting Theaters

If the original plan for David Robert Mitchell's Under the Silver Lake had stayed in place, we'd have seen the film in theaters last summer. But after mixed response at Cannes its June release was pushed all the way to December, where it could either be an awards contender or buried by others that were. When that date was eventually pushed to April...well, it wasn't a good sign. But so far that date has stuck, and a new trailer cements that it will be arriving soon.

The highest praise has been heaped on Andrew Garfield's performance in the L.A.-set noir about an eccentric guy who falls hard for his mysterious neighbor, only to find that she's vanished the next morning. He embarks on a surreal quest to crack the code to her whereabouts, and solve the mystery of the murders and disappearances plaguing his East L.A. neighborhood.  Alongside Garfield are co-stars Riley Keough, Topher Grace, Callie Hernandez, and Jimmi Simpson.

Mitchell's best known for directing the hit horror It Follows, so a lot of eyes are on him to see if he's just a flash in the pan. After Cannes he spent a lot of time re-editing Under the Silver Lake and preparing a new cut that played at various festivals. Hopefully the wait will be worth it.

Under the Silver Lake opens on April 19th, preceded by a U.K. release on March 15th.