Marvel's 'Black Widow' Won't Be R-Rated And Was Never Going To Be

I don't remember how the rumor started that Marvel's Black Widow movie would be rated-R, but it's being shot down now by Kevin Feige. The Marvel Studios prez spoke with Comicbook.com and said a mature rating was never in the cards, despite rumors to the contrary...

"It never was going to be. Somebody writes, 'I hear it's R-rated!' And then everybody writes it up."

Yeah, that's how these things tend to happen, but it's good that Feige has cleared things up. Black Widow might've been a natural choice for an R-rating given her murky background as a Russian assassin, but Marvel has never needed to move beyond PG-13 so why start now? 

Black Widow has yet to be officially dated, but with Scarlett Johansson in place, a director in Cate Shortland, and Ned Benson rewriting the script I expect that will change soon.  And when it's ready, Feige promises Marvel won't hold back, and that goes for all of their upcoming projects...

"There are no mandates to make any more than two films a year. As we've seen in the last couple years, when it naturally happens and when there are ideas and when there are teams ready to go, we're not going to hold something back. We'll make it."