James Gunn Considered Superman And Krypto Films Before 'Suicide Squad'

The chances of James Gunn ever going back to Marvel at this point are pretty much zero, but he's found a more than suitable replacement. Over at Warner Bros. the "controversial" director has landed on a new Suicide Squad relaunch and that seems like the right fit. However, before that deal was struck Gunn was offered a couple of other DC Comics properties that would've been interesting, to say the least.

According to THR, the studio initially had a Superman film in mind for Gunn, along with his pick of other properties.  With so many questions swirling about the future of Henry Cavill in the role of the red and blue Kryptonian, this would have been a concrete direction one way or another. Of course, we still don't know if this means they intended for Gunn to be working with Cavill or if another actor would've been found, but that they were considering a Superman movie at all says something.

Gunn's interests lay elsewhere, though, and that's with a Krypto film. That's right, Superman's pet super-mutt. A Super Pets movie is in the works but the decision was made that Gunn should tackle something a little more substantive, and that's when the Suicide Squad deal went through.

Look, there's nothing that says Gunn can't revisit these earlier ideas. If the Suicide Squad thing is a hit, whose to say he won't ultimately the guy behind the camera when/if the studio is ready to move forward with the Man of Steel?  Personally, I'd love the idea of Gunn developing a Superboy and Krypto movie.