'Gremlins' Animated Series Coming To WarnerMedia Streaming Service

The Gremlins are coming back, be sure not to feed them after midnight. While there have been reports of a possible Gremlins live-action movie, the franchise looks to be returning first as an animated series on the upcoming WarnerMedia streaming service. Yes, one more subscription network to shell out for, and nope this isn't the same as their DC Universe service.

Variety reports that a Gremlins animated series is in the works, and it will be a period piece following Mr. Wing. Fans of Joe Dante's 1984 classic will remember Mr. Wing as the old Chinese man who had Mogwai named Gizmo sold right out from under him. The show will center on a much-younger Mr. Wing as he and Gizmo go on adventures together.

The Gremlins series will be headed up by Tze Chun, a writer on Gotham and director of the 2013 Bryan Cranston movie Cold Comes the Night.

If I'm honest this sounds like nothing I'd be interested in watching, and I love Gremlins, especially its sequel, The New Batch. Fortunately, WarnerMedia will include the classic films as part of its extensive library, with original programming arriving sometime in 2020.