Daniel Craig Joins Todd Field's Long-Developing 'The Creed Of Violence'

Todd Field hasn't directed a film since Little Children in 2006, but for years he's been developing an adaptation of Boston Teran's western novel, The Creed of Violence. Finally, it seems Field is ready to move on it, and he's found a top leading man in Daniel Craig, who will jump to that straight after completing work on Bond 25

Collider has the news of Craig joining Field's The Creed of Violence, which in the past has been eyed by both Leonardo DiCaprio and Christian Bale. It's good to see that Field hasn't had to take a step back in star power after such a long wait. Craig will be playing a character named Rawbone, and he's as tough as his name suggests. Set during the Mexican Revolution in 1910, Rawbone is a criminal forced by the FBI to work with agent John Lourdes to stop a smuggling ring in Mexico.

The title may get a reworking, which I think would be the wrong move, but no matter what this is a big deal project. Field has only directed two features, In the Bedroom and Little Children.   He's been on the shelf for long enough so let's hope this gets rolling in spring 2020 as planned.