Clear Your Schedule: 'Triple Threat' Is Hitting Theaters For One Night Only!

If you're hoping to see the action spectacular Triple Threat on the big screen, better clear your schedule for March 19th. Well Go USA did all of us a major solid by releasing that awesome trailer for what promises to be the action event of the damn year, featuring Iko Uwais, Tony Jaa, Tiger Chen, Michael Jai White, and more. But they are only giving us martial arts fans here in the U.S. one night to see it in theatres.

Triple Threat will hit 150 domestic theatres on March 19th, followed by a VOD and a few more select theatres on March 22nd. So far they haven't unveiled any specific theatre info, but hopefully it will be coming here to the DC area. If not, we fucking riot. Or we just wait and watch it at home on digital and spare ourselves potential jail time.

That said, I'm super pumped for this. Forget Captain Marvel, this is my movie for March. I've been a fan of Uwais ever since I saw him in the The Raid, then I went back and caught up with Merantau. He even managed to kick ass in sci-fi sequel Beyond Skyline, helping to make that film better than it had any business being. Jaa has been a badass since the Ong Bak flicks, eventually making his Hollywood debut in Furious 7.  Tiger Chen is the least known of the trio unless you are die-hard into the genre. He's basically the guy who helped make Keanu Reeves credible in The Matrix, and then again in Reeves' directorial debut, Man of Tai Chi. He's a killer on the screen, though, so don't sleep. He may end up stealing this thing.