Chris Pratt Confirms 'Guardians Of The Galaxy 3' Will Keep James Gunn's Script

Marvel continues their search for a director to replace James Gunn on Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, and they aren't having an easy time of it. With some high-profile filmmakers such as Adam McKay and Taika Waititi turning it down, primarily because they recognize Gunn's impact on the franchise, it may ultimately come down to a lesser-known director who gets the job.  I have a feeling if it were up to Kevin Feige he would rehire Gunn in a moment's notice, but at least they still have his script.

After much speculation, Chris Pratt confirmed to MTV that James Gunn's screenplay will be used, as it was completed before he was fired. And according to Star-Lord himself, he's read it and it's pretty wild...

“Yeah, I have. It’s off the chain. It’s so good."

Pratt continued, talking about what it will be like to do the third movie and not have Gunn involved...

“Well, I love James. I’m loyal to James and I love him so much. And we’re going to deliver the movie and we’re going to give fans the movie they deserve. And I think it’s in the nature of the ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ to come together and get the job done. And that’s what we’ll do.”

Marvel still hasn't officially put Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 on the schedule, but if a director gets named that should be rectified fairly quickly. If they are keeping Gunn's script that should make it easier to hire more of a journeyman director because Gunn's influence can be felt in the screenplay.  Fortunately, Marvel has a pretty good track record hiring less-familiar directors, just ask the Russo Brothers and Peyton Reed.