Chris Hemsworth Will Run Wild As Hulk Hogan In Todd Phillips' Biopic For Netflix

Hulkamania hasn't exactly been running wild of late, with Hulk Hogan just getting back into the WWE's good graces after a few years of shitty publicity due to a sex tape scandal and racist comments caught on tape. But no matter what, Hogan will always be a legend in professional wrestling, and the guy who brought sports entertainment to the mainstream in the 1980s and beyond. It's been long overdue for his story to be told on the big screen and now it's happening, with none other than Chris Hemsworth set to flex his 24" pythons as the Hulkster in a new biopic headed to Netflix.

Hemsworth will star as Hulk Hogan in a film directed by Todd Phillips, who is reteaming with The Joker screenwriter Scott Silver. The film won't be a start-to-finish look at Hogan's (aka Terry Bollea) career, but a focus on his rise to prominence in the 1980s and the birth of Hulkamania.  Included will be the entire Rock 'n Wrestling era which saw the WWF (World Wrestling Federation before it became WWE) closely aligned with MTV and the music industry. You may recall the presence of Cyndi Lauper at many a WWF event. Hogan would be among the first wrestlers to crossover into the world of acting, with major roles in Rocky III, No Holds Barred, and many more.

Let's hope Hemsworth remembers to say his prayers and eat his vitamins, otherwise what's he gonna do when Hulkamania runs wild on him?  Hogan is acting as a consultant on the film, too, and considering his ego I'm surprised he didn't demand to play himself.  [THR]