'Avengers: Endgame' Is Still Crazy Long And Test Audiences Are Cool With It

After three lengthy Avengers movies you probably know to pack a lunch and wear a diaper for Avengers: Endgame. Rumors about the runtime have been going around for months, because we're as weirdly obsessed with it as we were the title, but according to co-director Joe Russo in a conversation with Collider, the film is still clocking in at "the three-hour mark". 

Russo continued and talks about whether Disney would be cool with a movie of that length, given that it can be a deterrent for some casual moviegoers...

“I think the studio is down with what the best story is. Right now, we think the movie is playing well and we’ve had great responses from our test audiences and we’re feeling very good about where it is. We’re still doing work to it. We’re not done with it. Again, this is a culmination film of 22 movies, it’s a lot of storytelling to work into it. Emotion is an intrinsic part of that to us. When you have to tell a really complicated story and you want strong emotional moments with the characters, it just requires a certain amount of real estate. This one, in particular, feels like three hours worth of real estate.”

Anthony Russo chimes in at this point, adding “We have screened the movie four times for audiences now. For the first three screenings, not a single person got up to go to the bathroom.”

See, they know to wear a diaper, too.

Avengers: Endgame opens on April 26th.