'Aquaman' Sequel Splashes Down In December 2022

Aquaman continues to be a huge hit for Warner Bros. with over $1.1B worldwide. Typically this means a rush to get moving on a sequel, have it ready in a couple of years, and keep it movin'. Well, that's not happening here, as you'll be waiting quite a while for Aquaman 2's arrival.

According to EW, Aquaman 2 has been set for December 16th 2022, four years after the debut of the previous film. Damn.  Will we even care about Aquaman at that point? Can Jason Momoa keep up his workouts that long?

There's no rush to get the sequel going, although the pieces have already started to come together. While James Wan isn't offically on board to return as director, previous screenwriter and Wan collaborator David Leslie Johnson-McGoldrick is writing the script.  There's also an Aquaman horror spinoff titled The Trench that could possibly arrive in the meantime, featuring a new cast and new director.

December is always a crowded month, but why break what isn't broken? James Cameron's Avatar sequels have that month on lockdown for a few years but conveniently 2022 is one that they don't. Definitely not a coincidence.