All-Female Marvel Teamup Series Isn't Happening At ABC

Hey, remember that all-female Marvel TV series that was supposed to be in the works?  The one from Wonder Woman writer Allan Heinberg? Eh, maybe you don't because nothing has happened with it ever since, and it likely never will now that ABC has decided to go in a different direction.

Deadline reports that ABC has passed on the series, which would have teamed up a bunch of Marvel's lesser-known female heroes. As for which ones would've been included, well, it never really got that far although She-Hulk was an assumed member.

Even though Marvel Studios seems to be focusing its TV projects towards the Disney+ streaming service, they're far from done elsewhere. ABC continues to hold on to their tiny piece of the MCU with Agents of SHIELD, and while attempts to expand on the network have mostly failed (Agent Carter, the Mockingbird spinoff) it doesn't mean future opportunities are off the table.