'The Punisher' Gets Back To Work In New Season Two Teaser

One of the few Marvel Netflix shows not to have been given the ax (yet), The Punisher is coming back for a second violent season of vigilante justice.

You might be thinking, "Hey didn't Frank Castle get a Presidential pardon at the end of last season?" And yeah, you'd be right, but you'd be wrong to think this would take him off the streets. As you can see in this new teaser, the Punisher would rather use that pardon to warm up his van.  Am I wrong in thinking we could see Punisher go after somebody in the White House?  Just looking back on the character I used to read; he wouldn't do something like this unless he felt the person issuing the pardon was a criminal himself. Just putting that out there.

Otherwise, we don't know a ton about the upcoming season. Jon Bernthal will be back, of course, and Ben Barnes will return as Billy Russo, likely evolve fully into the villainous Jigsaw. Deborah Ann Woll is coming back as Karen Page, joined by Amber Rose Revah, Jason Moore, Annette O'Toole, and Corbin Bernsen. As for the release date, rumors have suggested January 18th but there's nothing in this teaser that says for sure.