Steve Carell And 'The Office' Creator Reteam For Netflix's 'Space Force' Series

Steve Carell is once again headed to the workplace, only this time the office will be in outer space. Carell is reteaming with The Office creator Greg Daniels for Space Force, and if you thought that title might be a jab at Trump's ridiculous distraction of an idea from last year, you'd be right.

Space Force is a Netflix jam, and they've already released a teaser announcing its arrival.  There isn't any footage or anything, but we get the idea of what the series is about. Basically, Trump came up with the idea of a space force as the sixth military branch. Details on it were super vague, and nothing has really been done with it since.  The show will follow the men and women responsible for figuring out what the heck a space force is supposed to do.

Carell is not only a star, but his co-creator and exec-producer duties will net him a record payday per episode, with THR's sources saying he'll earn more than $1M each. So Netflix is throwing in Carell's direction a nice chunk of cash from those raised subscription fees.

Expect Netflix to get moving on this quickly, but right now there's no date for release.