'Star Wars Resistance' Trailer Reveals A Familiar Foe From 'The Force Awakens'

Disney's Star Wars Resistance is set to begin the second half of its first season in just a few days, and a new trailer hyping its return has been released. So far, the most interesting aspect of the series has been its setting, which we always knew was just ahead of the events in J.J. Abrams' The Force Awakens. But with this new trailer we see that things have not only caught up to the present, the show will begin to explore the impact of what's taken place on the big screen.

Star Wars Resistance is set on a remote outpost and follows Kaz Xiono, a young pilot sent in by the Resistance to infiltrate The First Order as they continue to grow as a threat.  In this trailer, we see that the threat has indeed arrived in the form of General Hux, in a scene that will be familiar from The Force Awakens. There's another scene, featuring Kaz and ace fighter pilot Poe Dameron, as they navigate the destroyed planetary remains of a system that may have been a target of Starkiller base's powerful weapon.

Disney has also announced the series renewal for a second season, premiering this fall.

Star Wars Resistance returns to Disney XD on January 13th, which means I better hurry up and watch those last couple of episodes.