Kevin Hart Rolls The Dice On A 'Monopoly' Movie

Controversy be damned, Kevin Hart doesn't seem too affected by any of it. Following on the strong opening weekend and decent reviews for The Upside, Hart is now ready to pass go and collect the lead role in a Monopoly movie, based on the board game we all used to play but never finished.

Hart will reteam with Ride Along director Tim Story for Monopoly, bringing to reality a project Hasbro has been rolling the dice on for years. Remember, at one time they had eyed Andrew Niccol (Gattaca) for the director's chair, but that attempt went bankrupt. Probably for the best.

There are no plot details on this new version, and I guess it's too much to ask that Hart is playing the game's mascot, Rich Uncle Pennybags? I actually see this playing out in a Brewster's Millions fashion, but maybe they'll surprise me. Surely they won't go the Jumanji route and have Hart zapped into the board game, right? Ugh. [Deadline]