Edgar Wright Updates On 'Baby Driver 2', Says His Next Film Is A Psychological Horror

Edgar Wright has yet to make a movie that isn't at least a cult favorite, but he earned his best reviews and box office for Baby Driver. While there has always been a desire for him to do a sequel to his beloved Cornetto trilogy, Wright has actually moved forward on plans for Baby Driver 2.  Those plans will take a temporary backseat to Wright's next film, though, which he tells Empire will be a straight-up psychological horror in the vein of Don't Look Now and Roman Polanski's Revulsion...

"I realized I had never made a film about central London – specifically Soho, somewhere I’ve spent a huge amount of time in the last 25 years. With ‘Hot Fuzz’ and ‘Shaun Of The Dead’ you make movies about places you’ve lived in. This movie is about the London I’ve existed in.”

Not only is it about a place Wright has never captured on screen, but it's also a new genre for him that'll be free of comedy.

After he's done with that, Wright intends to move ahead on Baby Driver 2, confirming that he has finished the script's first draft...

“A first draft of ‘Baby Driver 2’ exists,” he says, adding that it will introduce more characters, expand that world, and “takes the story further.” 

This would be Wright's first ever sequel, and I'm very curious to know how he intends to pick things up considering how Baby Driver ended.