Warner Bros. Stretches For A 'Plastic Man' Movie Next

Warner Bros. is stretching the DCEU in a new direction, and it's leading straight to a Plastic Man movie. That's right, the F-list DC Comics hero is getting his own movie with writer Amanda Idoko hired to pen the script.

Plastic Man was one of my favorite characters as a kid. We didn't get to see him much on the Super Friends cartoon and his solo spinoff 'toon didn't air that often after it was canceled in 1981. Basically, he's like the goofier version of Reed Richards. Real name Patrick "Eel" O'Brian, Plastic Man was a criminal who was doused with an unknown chemical during a failed robbery, giving him the power to stretch pretty much every part of his body like rubber. Whatever you do, don't get him confused with Elongated Man. They are very different.

Idoko is expected to keep the "light-hearted and even silly tones of the character" which is no surprise given Warner Bros. new mandate for a less grim DCEU. She's a relatively new talent on the scene, having been a staff writer on the short-lived comedy, The Mayor. But Idoko's profile will be raised soon as her script for Breaking News in Yuba County has Tate Taylor directing with Allison Janney and Laura Dern starring.

So add this to the growing list of upcoming DC superhero projects including Birds of Prey, Batgirl, The Flash, Suicide Squad 2, Blue Beetle, and of course Aquaman, Shazam, and Wonder Woman 1984.  [THR]