The 'Deadwood' Movie Is Real And Here Are The First Photos

Entertainment Weekly did us a solid today. This morning they dropped the first images from Disney's live-action Aladdin, including a look at Will Smith doing his best Maajin Buu impersonation as the Genie. While those left a bad taste in a lot of our mouths, EW has provided something to wash the foul taste away: photos that prove the Deadwood movie is a real thing that is actually happening.


That's right, Deadwood is a reality and we know it thanks to these two images, one of Ian McShane as the king of Shakespearean vulgarity himself, Al Swearengen, and another of Timothy Olyphant as the heroic Seth Bullock, who is now a U.S. Marshall in the film.  Swearengen is still sporting that same striped suit, and part of me hopes he has a closet full of them like Superman has capes.

You might recall this thing looked deader than Wild Bill Hickock for the longest time. For a good chunk of this year there didn't seem to be any real movement, with even Olyphant shooting down any hopes. And then the summer hit, and suddenly HBO was giving it a thumbs up, with creator David Milch behind the camera and practically the entire cast coming back.

Deadwood has yet to get an official release date but it's expected to arrive sometime in spring 2019.