'Terrified' Remake In The Works From Guillermo Del Toro And Sacha Gervasi

As Guillermo Del Toro has admitted himself, he sets up an awful lot of movies that end up going nowhere, but even when he's not directing he boards plenty of others as a producer. And lately, as his influence has grown, those projects are speeding ahead at a faster clip. After the success of The Shape of Water he signed a deal to produce films for Fox Searchlight, and now we know one of the first will be an English-language remake of the buzzy Argentinian horror, Terrified

Written and directed by Demi├ín Rugna, who will return to direct the American version, Terrified followed a trio of paranormal investigators as they investigate strange happenings in a Buenos Aires neighborhood. Sounds like standard haunted house stuff, but if there are multiple homes affected at once that could be something different. 

On board to write the script is Sacha Gervasi, best known for directing Anvil! The Story of Anvil, Hitchcock, and the little-seen November Criminals.  He most recently wrote and directed HBO's My Dinner with Herve.  

Terrified has been playing the festival circuit to strong reviews all year, appearing at Fantasia Fest and Austin Fantastic Fest where it won Best Horror. Strong credentials plus a ton of talent make this an anticipated film already and we haven't even gotten to the casting stage. [Deadline]