Rumor: 'The Mandalorian' Could Include Sabine Wren From 'Star Wars Rebels'

When I first heard the title of Star Wars' series The Mandalorian, my first thought was that it would center on Star Wars Rebels character Sabine Wren. A lot of her backstory was explored by Dave Filoni in the animated show, and he built up much of the Mandalorian mythology that we know. But with the casting of Pedro Pascal as the lone Mandalorian gunfighter those hopes were dashed, however a new rumor suggests Sabine could still be in the series.

According to Making Star Wars, the "cutting edge technology" being used by Jon Favreau and others in crafting The Mandalorian is also being used to make what appears to be Sabine Wren's distinctive helmet. The site goes on to speculate that Gina Carano could be playing an older version of Sabine, since The Mandalorian takes place years after the events of Star Wars Rebels. They point to the involvement of Filoni as evidence of Sabine's appearing, or at least the helmet does. Maybe it belongs to someone else?

To me this sounds like a stretch. While Sabine's helmet is indeed unique, speaking to her artistic side, there is a lot of similarity in the Mandalorian armor. It's possible this is just a mistake. Then again, maybe it is her, and Pascal's character won't be the only Mandalorian in the series? 

The Mandalorian has no release date but will be part of Disney+ when it launches in 2019.