Noah Hawley To Direct Reverse-Flowing Film 'To Be Read Backwards'

Noah Hawley isn't content with creating hit TV shows Fargo and Legion, he's looking to make moves on the big screen. Already he's set for his directorial debut, the astronaut drama Pale Blue Dot with Natalie Portman, and now Hawley has another film in the works that sounds so weird it could make for an average episode of Legion.

According to THR, Hawley will direct an adaptation of popular writer Matthew Baker's short story, To Be Read Backwards, which sounds like it's on some Benjamin Button shit. The story follows a man whose life begins at his death, and he learns more about himself as he and the world unravel in reverse, "ultimately revealing humanity and mystery." 

The rights were acquired by Fox, who continue to pile on projects despite the Disney deal's looming finalization. Remember, they also have Hawley attached to a Doctor Doom film that will probably go nowhere.