Nick Frost Tricks Fans With Phony 'Hot Fuzz' Sequel

Oh that Nick Frost! What a stinker that guy is! Earlier today he got fans of Brit cop comedy Hot Fuzz all riled up with an Instagram post sporting a hashtag that said a sequel reuniting him with Simon Pegg and director Edgar Wright was happening.

That would've been HUGE, and a damn good reason to get hyped. Frost, Pegg, and Wright are all close friends and starred in the incredibly popular Three Flavours Cornetto movies, consisting of Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz, and The World's End. Frost, knowing fans have been wanting to see the trio reunite for years, must have been feeling particularly mischievous today.

See, there is no Hot Fuzz sequel. Digital Spy reached out to Frost's people and they confirmed he was just having a laugh, and the actor has since updated his Instagram post to something more truthful...

There have been rumblings of a sequel in the past. In 2011 Frost said there was a script, but nothing ever came of it. Last year, Wright was reported to have talked with Pegg about doing another one, only to state weeks later the story was wrong and there would be no sequel.

Oh well. I don't actually want a sequel to any of their prior movies. A reunion on something brand new, on the other hand? Yeah, that still needs to happen. 

If you're not too angry with Frost you can check him in the WWE film Fighting with my Family which opens in February 2019.