Jodie Foster Will Direct And Star In Remake Of Icelandic Eco-Thriller 'Woman At War'

These days Jodie Foster spends more time behind the camera than in front of it, and she occasionally stars in the movies she directs. Her last film, Money Monster, kinda came and went without making much noise, but her next directorial effort will come with a Cannes pedigree that should afford it some extra attention.

Foster will direct, produce, and star in a remake of Cannes Award winner, Woman at War. The original film starred Halldóra Geirharðsdóttir as a choir conductor whose pastime includes damaging a nearby aluminum plant she believes is harming the environment. When an application to adopt a child internationally is suddenly approved, it happens just as the government is ramping up attention on her illegal activities.

The film was Iceland's selection for Best Foreign Language Film at the upcoming Academy Awards.

Obviously, there will need to be changes. The subject matter is right in Foster's wheelhouse, so she's moving the setting from Iceland to the American West.

No word on a start date, but here are Foster's words about the news...

“This movie thrilled me beyond words. I am so excited to helm a new American imagining of this relevant, beautiful, inspiring story. The character of Halla is a warrior for the planet, a strong woman who risks it all to do the right thing. But not without some serious mishaps along the way.”

“I can’t wait to play her. I’m always drawn to a bold and quirky mixture of humor and emotion. This one speaks for our time. It is an honor to take the reins from the talented director Benedikt Erlingsson and his producing partner Marianne Slot.”