Jean-Luc Godard Returns With A Fascinating Trailer For 'The Image Book'

For fans of classic cinema the name Jean-Luc Godard holds a lot of weight. The 88-year-old stalwart of the French New Wave movement hasn't really been on the radar of late, but he's continued to work consistently in very experimental form. That he keeps pushing boundaries this deep into his career is an inspiration, and the trailer or his new film The Image Book is truly fascinating.

Debuting at Cannes and playing other major festivals since, The Image Book finds Godard flipping through a collage of scenes, just like the titular image book. It's difficult to tell exactly what Godard is saying through these scenes, a combination of contemporary and vintage imagery, although it looks to be an examination of the worst aspects of human culture.  Fun!

For cinephiles this is pretty much a must-see, though. While Godard's work will live forever, we could be looking at the final, definitive statement from a true master of the craft.   The Image Book opens in select cities on January 25th 2019.